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    Coat Of Arms

    Our coat of arms consist of a globe, two hands,
    a sparkling star followed by inscription "For God and for Humanity"

    The globe stands for the broad and international outlook of St. Paul's International School which trains the students and moulds them to be responsible and resourceful citizens of tomorrow, irrespective of their caste, creed, colour and country.

    They represent the very hands of God and man. The upper hand stands for God and the lower hands for man. The whole life of man is envisaged as a joint venture of both God and man. God condescends to help man who stands in need with an open hand.

    When man responds positively and creatively to the munificent assistance of God, the outcome is outstanding, viz. a sparkling life, which is represented by the shining star.

    For God and for Humanity

    Every student in St. Paul's International School is trained for God-man mission, which moulds him/her as a shining star of the society. He/she is trained to respect life and understand other human beings.